Animal WorldŽ Donation Requests Animal WorldŽ is happy to provide donations for Animal and Pet Rescue Organizations throughout the USA. To provide a standard to be be fair for all requests Animal WorldŽ is happy to provide a contribution of $25.00 retail value in Dog Lover Breed T Shirts, Animal Lover T Shirts or Dog Collars Leashes produced in the USA by Animal World. With free shipping a $6.95 value for a total contribution value of $31.95. In order to qualify for this donation to your organizations fund raiser the following criteria must be met first.

1. A live link from the Organizations website to our Animal WorldŽ website must be established first.

2. After establishment of link to has been established an email donation request may be sent to stating the link is in place and will remain in place place for 1 year full year. Upon receipt of the email and link check the donation referred to above will be sent out promptly via US Priority Mail to the address given for donation. We will be glad to continue on a year to year basis.