Animal Jewelry Gifts Store Earrings and Pins at Animal WorldŽ

Wildlife animal earrings, lapel pins and brooch pins made of 22ct ct gold with fine enamel for wildlife, dog, cat, bird, ocean and insect lover enthusiasts from Animal Jewelry Gifts Store at Animal WorldŽ. Earrings, lapel pins or brooch pins available in bat, bee, bluebird, blue heron, Boston Terrier, Blue Morph butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Tiger Swallowtail, Cardinal, Black cat, Brown Tabby, Calico, Orange Tabby, Siamese, Tuxedo cat, chickadee, crab, Dachshund, dolphin, dragonfly, egret, flamingo, frog, hummingbird, Jack Russell Terrier, Black Lab, ladybug, owl, peacock, rabbit, seahorse, sea turtle, squirrel and woodpecker.
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