Animal World® Toy Miniature Replica Safety Information

Safety statement from the manufacturer. We hear you. Due to your inquiries about toy safety concerns, we have drafted the following document. Recently, there has been a growing concern regarding the lead content of paint in children’s toys. With some companies having recalls, we can understand your cause for alarm. For over 25 years, Safari has collaborated closely with primarily 2 factories who maintain strict controls on all of their vendors including suppliers of paint. Rest assured, that Safari tests all of our toys. One of the tests, known as ASTM F963-03, examines the products for unsafe substances per U.S. standards which includes lead In the paint. Since our products are also imported into the European community, they must also pass the more comprehensive and even stricter EN-71 test. We spot check every container leaving Hong Kong in addition to comprehensive testing of all items at the world recognized SGS testing labs in Hong Kong. Additionally, the European community and certain cities in the United States have also banned phthalates from PVC. Phthalates are softening agents added to PVC which can be harmful to children. All our products are phthalate free, to ensure the safety of our children. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Desy Rodriguez in Product Development department at: or 800-554-5414 ext 170.