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Wide selection of Horse Toy Miniatures and Sandicast Figurine Statues

Start your own horse stable or ranch with detailed Horse Lover Gifts. including horse toy miniatures, plush stuffed animals, puppets, throw blanket tapestries, door mats, neckties, crossing signs, t shirts, pins, earrings, mugs, keychains, and flags. The toy horse miniatures are designed to portray popular horse breeds including Clydesdales, Paint, Dapple, Quarter Shire, Percheron, Arabian, Buckskin, and Tennessee Walker. Safari toy horses are a great way for horse enthusiasts to own a stable full of their favorite breed and even have foals to create a horse family of your own. Animal World is proud to offer it's selection of Horse Toy Miniatures and also a complete line of Horse lover Gifts. The Horse stuffed animals are especially nice for children of all ages through adults. Horse stuffed animal plush provide companionship and love for those that want horses but for whom horse ownership is not feasible.

The Horse Blankets, horse doormats, horse mugs, and horse flags gifts give horse enthusiasts the opportunity to decorate with cozy horse home decor. With the Horse Crossing signs you can provide outdoor safety function with indoor collector presentation.

With the Horse neckties and horse keychains you can let the world know that you are a horse enthusiast. In addition you can combine fashion with fun whenever you drive or whenever a necktie is needed for casual or dressup.

Stunning Sandicast figurines statue Replicas Animal World has been handling Sandicast figurine statue products for over 20 years. We are proud to be a Sandicast Elite Premier Dealer of this impressive home decor and offer a full line of fantastic looking figurines and statues.

Choose from an array of sizes and styles, miniature to adult lifesize, dog figurines, cat figurines, wolf figurines, and wildlife figurines. You can even select a lifesize bed to protect and display your lifesize figurines. And miniatures won't be left out in the cold. Select a mini rug, pillow, or wicker bed to pose your tiny animal treasure.

These awesome animal figurines and statues by Sandicast make unique gifts and collectibles.